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South Loop Health’s state-of-the art facility is equipped with the latest technology used to apply the most advanced techniques to provide top level alternative health care services that do not rely on medication or surgery. We can provide you and your family with the health, wellness and care to help with numerous conditions. The best chiropractic services in the city can be had with Dr. Luke Stringer at Advanced Health South Loop!

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How to Choose the Right Chiropractor


Choosing the chiropractor or chiropractic clinic that is best for you is not as simple as it sounds. It’s important to research each chiropractor, read their reviews, learn what they specialize and set up a consultation to ask questions about your issue.

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What is Tech Neck and How Does it Happen?


Tech neck is the loss of the curve in the neck due to looking down for hours at a time and maintaining poor posture.

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Why Does Your Spinal Alignment Matter?


When the spine is aligned the body can function optimally because there is no pressure on the nervous system which controls everything the body does.

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Understanding the Causes of Disc Herniation


Disc herniation can be caused by an accident or trauma involving a large amount of force on the spine. It can also be caused by repetitive stress such as poor posture which puts pressure and tension on the spinal discs, causing them to herniate over time.

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