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Altitude Training


Athletes train at high altitudes to improve oxygen efficiency to increase stamina and endurance and decrease feelings of fatigue. Altitude training can be done in your local area by using special machines that simulate the oxygen levels at high altitudes.

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Creatine for Sports Performance and Cognitive Function


Creatine is naturally produced in the body from other amino acids. It's function is to increase cellular energy, increase muscle mass and improve brain function and brain cognition. Creatine supplements allow people to increase sports performance.

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Protein Supplements


Athletes, menopausal women, people trying to lose weight and vegetarians are more likely to have a protein deficiency. By eating more natural foods rich in essential amino acids or taking amino acid supplements people can build up protein levels.

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Technology Biohacking


Technology biohacking is a way to use the natural healing abilities of the earth and our environment to boost healing and body function. Using new technology like the PEMF mat, the Nano V and the infrared sauna are all technology biohacks.

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